Ripwerx FCB1010 Editor

Screen Shot of Ripwerx FCB1010 Editor
Version 2.1 now available

What is it?

This is an application for remotely programming the Behringer FCB1010 MIDI Foot Controller. Author has no affiliation with Behringer - all trademarks acknowledged.

FCB1010 Image from Behringer Website

In addition to being an editor specifically for the FCB1010, this application contains some general utilities for communicating with external MIDI gear.

Who Can Use It?

Anyone. It's free. It's a Java application, so it will run on any computer having a Java runtime (v1.5.0 or better). As with any freeware, use at your own risk.

How Do I Get It?

Proceed to GettingStarted.html. This document will provide downloading and installation instructions.


Please feel free to contact me via E-mail. Provide as much detail as possible.

Have Fun!

Mike Riley

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