Ripwerx FCB1010 Editor v2.1
Mike Riley

Ripwerx FCB1010 Editor - Getting Started


This software was developed using Java technology and as such is platform independent, that is, should work with a variety of operating systems. It was developed on Microsoft WindowsXP and this is the platform used for most of its testing.

What's New with Version 2.1?

Once the application is installed, release notes are available via the Help menu.

System Requirements:

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Disclaimer and Limitations:

The author has no affiliation with Behringer.

This software represents the author's individual, unfunded effort. Its purpose is to provide set of personal productivity tools for the FCB1010 - designed and optimized to suit the author's personal preferences regarding usability, scope, and look and feel.

As with any free software, use at your own risk.

In order to use this software effectively, you must become aware of your FCB1010's software version (a.k.a., "firmware" version). The unit's programming is contained on a read-only memory chip on one of its internal circuit boards. Since the first FCB1010s were produced, this programming has changed several times. New units ship with newer firmware. Older units can be upgraded by obtaining a chip having newer firmware and replacing the old chip with this new one.

Your FCB1010 must have firmware version UnO 1.0.2 to be compatible with Ripwerx 2.1. The Ripwerx application includes a feature for checking your unit's firmware version.

For version comparisons and for information related to acquiring replacement firmware, refer to

Installing the Application:

Download file

Unzip this file to any folder/directory on your computer. Following unzip, you will now have a single file: an executable Java Archive (.jar) file. This file contains the entire application. You may delete the zip file.

Starting the Application:

Execute the jar file. For example, double-click the file or select it and press the Enter key.

If the .jar file will not execute, or presents a 'browse' window rather than starting the Ripwerx application, you may need to execute from a command line. Example:

     java -jar FCB1010_editor_v2.1_java50.jar

On some systems, you may "Open With..." and select a Java runtime.

When the application window appears, select Help, FCB1010 User Guide. What should you read first? Please take a few moments to read the Introduction and User Prerequisites sections - this may save time and prevent frustration.

A typical use case will be:

  1. Identify your computer's MIDI input and output ports, see Selecting MIDI Devices
  2. CHECK YOUR FIRMWARE VERSION! See Checking your FCB1010's firmware version. Do not proceed if your firmware is not UnO v1.0.2
  3. Perform a Loop Test to ensure your MIDI Interface hardware will support Ripwerx, See MIDI Loop test .
  4. Get a dump from the FCB1010, see Loading a Message, "To request a Sysex message from the unit:"
  5. Edit the message, see Editing a Message.
  6. Customize the editing view, see Setting Preset View Options.
  7. Save your work to a file, see Saving a Message.
  8. Send the edited message back to the FCB1010, see Sending a Message to the Unit.

Check out the FAQ.